Tanveer Muhammad Daya Malik is the founder of South Asia Peace Institute for Conflict Management. It was an initiation for promoting peace, developing peace plans andresolving conflicts in South Asian region. The main purpose of the Institute is to establish a centre for peace studies, which will conduct short-term and long-term courses on peace and conflict resolution to achieve its ultimate goal of free and prosperous human living toward a “utopian” world. A Peace University will be established in the second phase which is under construction.

Mr.Tanveer Malik has organized several workshops on conflict resolution

He aims to work on World Peace, Humanitarian Empowerment for Development, Nation Building and Helping People in Need, to
foster dialogue and sharing of resources in international development, conflict
resolution, gender mainstreaming, human rights, social entrepreneurship and related fields. He has prepared several documentaries for BBC and CNN television on cross border dialogue and peace.

He is Country Director – SHED PK a registered non-profitable, non-governmental
organization registered under social welfare agencies ordinance 1961 on November 2003, is committed to help the underprivileged population especially the most vulnerable class in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. As a non-governmental organization SHED, aims to intervene both in situations of disaster and non-disaster for sustainable development of the marginalized population restoring their autonomy in the society.This organization also works for persons with disabilities. The aim of SHED is to serves the humanity, development of human resources, providing physical and mental health facilities, economic sustainability, without gender discrimination. It is basically a research and development institute working on various aspects of social and human
development in the province.

Moreover he is Disaster Risk Management Advisor, Divisional Disaster Management
Authority NWFP, Policy Advisor Human Rights Wing and Moderator/coordinator
The Inter-Agency Network for Humanitarian Assistance which is an open global
network of over 347,900 practitioners, Development Consultant staff from UN
agencies/ donors,I/NGOs,governments and universities is created to strategize, plan, coordinate & monitor relief,recovery,reconstruction,rehabilitation and Development activities in Conflict Areas.

About Tanveer Malik

Tanveer Malik;a renowned and respected human rights activist, social worker, HR advisor and film maker. Tanveer has been contributing to the development sector in Pakistan through his involvement and initiation of various programs. He has over 10 years of extensive experience working with UN, Usaid, various INGOs and Government organisations at national and international level. He has been the Founder/Country Representative at the SHED Pakistan, an organization involved in Human Rights, Transgender, women rights and children. He has also been the Founder of South Asia Peace Institute for Conflict Management in Pakistan.

Tanveer is an authority on Human’s Rights and has been actively involved in raising awareness about crimes against women and children, particularly promoting Interfaith Harmony from the platform of Human First- an NGO working on … Tanveer Malik’s expertise and experience further contributes towards highlighting the role of Youth in Pakistani leadership. He is also the founder of the leading Network( PHRN), a management consulting and organization development Company specializing in the human aspect of implementing planned change. He has also initiated and managing the largest job portal called